Private individuals

I can assist you in the area of immigration law if you or, for example, your partner wish to qualify for a residence permit in the Netherlands.

Other purposes of stay for which the IND may grant a residence permit are:

  • family visit
  • medical treatment
  • study
  • work
  • residence as au pair
  • victim of human trafficking
  • unaccompanied minor alien
  • children’s amnesty
  • no-fault residence permit

You can expect clear and sound advice from me, and this is vital because the IND applies the admission rules very strictly. Applying for a residence permit will be fruitless if you do not meet strict criteria. I can design a step-by-step plan with you so that you can clearly see how you can meet the admission criteria and qualify for a residence permit.

I can also represent your interests if the IND intends to revoke your residence permit and/or impose an entry ban, for example because of a criminal conviction.

Aliens who the Dutch government deems to be illegal are expected to return to their country of origin. If, in the opinion of the State Secretary of Justice an alien obstructs his return and evades supervision, there is a real possibility that he may be detained for the purpose of deportation. This is a kind of administrative detention. On your behalf I can appeal to the Courts; the Court will then review the lawfulness of the detention.

If your application for a visa or residence permit is rejected, or if your visa or residence permit is revoked, I can initiate proceedings against the IND and take your case to court.