Short stay visa

If you wish to bring a family member or friend to the Netherlands for a stay of less than three months, you have to apply for a visa.

Required documents

For a successful visa application you need the following documents:

  • Valid travel document, such as a passport.

Documents showing the purpose of your visit to the Netherlands, such as:

  • An original ‘proof of sponsorship and/or provision of accommodation’ form. The signature of the sponsor in the Netherlands must be authenticated by the Municipality.
  • A hotel reservation (if you are not visiting family members or acquaintances in the Netherlands).
  • Documents showing that you have enough money for your stay in the Netherlands, such as one or more bank statements, travellers’ cheques or cash. The IND requires an amount of at least €34 per day for the duration of the stay.
  • A ‘proof of sponsorship and/or provision of accommodation’ form completed by the sponsor or a third party in the Netherlands.

Documents showing timely return to the country of origin, such as:

  • An employer’s statement.
  • Proof of enrolment of school-age children.
  • Documents of title of own home and/or other registered property.
  • A copy of a medical insurance certificate with a minimum cover of €30,000.
  • A copy of the booking slip for the journey. In most cases, this document will only have to be shown when the visa is collected.