Citizens of EU Member States

Citizens of EU Member States are free to live and work in the Netherlands. For the first six months of their stay, EU citizens do not need to demonstrate a reason for their stay in the Netherlands. After this period, they must make a reasonable case for their stay.

EU citizens do not need to register with the Immigration and Naturalisation service, however they are obliged to register as a resident with the local municipality.

Croatia, Bulgaria and Romania are also EU Member States. Nonetheless, citizens of these countries do not have the same rights as other EU citizens. Since 1 January 2014, Bulgarians and Romanians have been free to access the labour market in the Netherlands, putting them on an equal playing field with other EU citizens. For Croat nationals it is still the case that they can only be employed if they have a work permit. Croatian entrepreneurs are nonetheless free to establish themselves in the Netherlands without the need for permission to be granted in advance.